VCF West is back!!!

Vintage Computer Festival West is making a triumphant return this summer! The show will be August 6-7 at the Computer History Museum, in Mountain View, California. Click here for details.

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Make popcorn, we’ve got videos!

blogcameraWe are working hard to post videos from past editions of the Vintage Computer Festival East/West shows.

VCF East talks are going online first. So far we posted video from VCF East 6.0 (2009) and VCF East 9.1 (2014) — the years don’t always add up because we skipped a year here and there.

We’re adding video from other years during the next few days/weeks. Keep checking the link to our YouTube channel!

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Making (web) life easier

We bought and Both of these forward to the real site here at We also made the submenus indented when you press the “menu” button on mobile browsers. These changes should make things a lot easier for everyone!

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